One Shot: Harry (for anon)

"Harry! I hate you!" Sarah screamed in agonizing pain. "I know you do right now love, but it’ll be worth it when our little Darcy is here." Sarah had been in labour well over a day and was ready to get this baby out.

Ever since Harry and Sarah had started dating things had seemed to run fast. They dated for less than a year before getting engaged. And three months after that, they ran off to Fiji to get married. Not even 2 months later did Sarah find out she was expecting Styles baby number 1. But she didn’t regret a second of it. She was with the love of her life. And they were about to be a family of 3!

Sarah had been woken up at 3 am with sharp pains in her back. She put them aside and went back to sleep. 2 hours later she was awoken with more sharp pains and her husband jumping out of bed. “What’s happened?” Sarah asked. “Why don’t you tell me!” Harry replied. Sarah realised her water had broken and the bed was wet. Her husband, Harry, had put up with a lot in this pregnancy.

They threw the bags in the car as Harry calmly helped his darling wife into the car. All the while telling her to breathe slow just like they had taught in birthing class. Breathing along heavily with his wife.

It had been at least a fort night, and Sarah’s labour hadn’t made much progress. The only slow thing in they’re 2 year whirlwind romance. Each of the boys had popped in for a moment to say their hello’s and good lucks. Sarah appreciated the support. They were also in charge of sending out the tweets and making calls. Always good to have them doing something.

Sarah had attempted a little rest and was awoken to the fact that it was time to push. Twenty minutes later and she was holding her baby girl in her arms. She had sparkling green eyes and dark curly hair just like her Daddy. She was so grateful for the whole thing to be over and to finally have her family.

Harry and Sarah’ family each came in to take a look at the beautiful little girl and giving well deserved congratulations. Then the boy’s came in. She knew this would be a special moment for Harry. The boys all sat on the couch whilst Harry placed his little girl in Zayn’s arms and going to lay on the bed with his wife. “Hello pretty!” Exclaimed Louis. “We’re your uncles!” proudly stated Liam. Zayn and Niall looked adoringly at their new nice. “What’s her name?” asked Zayn. Harry and Sarah looked at each other before Harry said, ” Darcy Anne Styles.”

After all the visitors had passed it was just the little family in the room. Sarah, Harry, and their Darcy. Harry looked at his wife with so much love and told her “This is by far the best present you have ever given me. Thank you.” He said kissing his wife sweetly. Then turning to his daughter, “And you, my pretty, are my whole world. Which means no dating until you’re 30.” They both laughed.

And that was the start of your happily ever after.

Auther: Mackenzie

Outfit: Mia!

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