Imagine: Niall (for hipster-nutella-princess)

Imagine, the day had finally come! You, Natasha, were finally getting to go see One Direction. The band of your dreams! You had always fancied Niall, and had hoped that he would maybe just maybe you would catch his eye. Your dad had worked security for the show, so you had seats as close to the stage as possible. You got ready as quickly as possible, throwing on some clothes and tying up your light brown hair, applying some makeup to your chocolate brown eyes, and you were off! You got there earl and got to watch soundcheck. You had noticed Niall looking in your direction a few times. He would also whisper to the boys when he would point. Harry even waved! You were rocking out to the soundcheck when you heard Louis shout “Hey Paul!” getting his attention, then pointing your direction. “You see that beaut over there? With the hair and the eyes? Niall fancies her a lot! He won’t stop talking about her, bring her back here!” Niall blushed a deep red, feeling yourself boil as well. He tried to distract himself by starting the next tune as Paul came to wisk you away. Niall winking as you walked past him. You spent the rest of the night watching the show from backstage before grabbing dinner with niall.

Author: Mackenzie xx


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