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Harry imagine for lilymunkkkkkkdirectioner

You could not believe what was about to happen to you. You were going on a date with no other than Harry Edward Styles, the perfect and gorgeous singer of famous boy band One Direction. You couldn’t believe in how lucky you were. When you went to the concert you didn’t expect to get noticed by the boys, even more, noticed by Harry, by that perfect little boy, and you didn’t even thought, not in a million years that he would ask you to go on a date with him, but there you were, getting ready to a date with him.

“Lily? Hey, are you here?” your bestfriend chuckled making you come back to reality ‘It’s almost time, so finish getting ready and stop think about god knows what’ she said

“Sorry. I was just thinking about the date and Harry. I still don’t know what he saw in me its jus-”

“Stop with that, okay?” she cut you “You are gorgeous and he noticed it, now go get ready!”

“Okay, okay. I’m coming mommy” you chuckled. You took a quick shower and dressed up. Your bestfriend did you make-up and helped you with your hair. You had just finished yourself when someone rang the doorbell.

 “Coming!” you screamed downstairs. You came down and you opened the door.

“Hey!” Harry greeted and pecked your cheek “Ready to go love?” he asked

“Yeah, sure. Let me just go grab my purse” you said running upstairs. You said goodbye to your friend and you came back downstairs. “Ready!” you said when you reached the door where Harry was standing.

“In that case let’s go” he smiled and you leaved your apartment. “You look gorgeous tonight Lily” Harry complimented you as you walked to his car.

“Thanks. You look handsome yourself” you blushed. Harry chuckled and opened the car door for you. You entered and he made his way to the driver seat. “Why are you laughing?” you asked him when he got into the car.

“Oh, nothing… You just look adorable when you blush” he smiled. His comment made you blush even more, which made him chuckle again.

“Stop it!” you laughed a bit “It’s not funny mister” you said

“Actually it is” he continue to laugh

“Anyways… Where are we going?” you asked

“It’s a surprise” he said. After a five more minute drive Harry stopped the car. “Here we are!” he said. You were in a drive in. It was really cool and you never had been in one before

“What are we gonna see?” you asked Harry

“A horror movie” he smiled

“A horror movie?” you frowned

“Yes… Why? Are you scared?” Harry asked you

“Well, it’s not my favourite type of films ‘cause I get really scared sometimes” you blushed

“Lily, you don’t have to be afraid, I’m right next to you. And if you get scared you can hold my hand if you want” he said. You just gave him a smile. Harry then paid the tickets and bought you some popcorn. He then found a great place to park the car. “Do you want to stay in the car or do you want to go outside?” Harry asked when he parked

“I’d rather be outside” you reply to him. You stepped out of the car and Harry got out too. He grabbed some blankets that he had in the trunk and came to you. He placed one in the bonnet of car and climbed up. He helped you climbing up and then he placed another blanket around your backs.

“I’m really enjoying our night, Lily” Harry whispered to your ear

“I am too, Harry” you smiled “Now shhh, the movie is starting!” you chuckled. You and Harry saw the movie in quiet but every time a scary part came you held his hand really tight and he calmed you down by whispering to your ear that it was just a movie and rubbing your back. By the time the movie was over you were sleeping with you head rested on Harry’s shoulder.

“Wakey, wakey” Harry said waking you up. You opened our eyes and yawned.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to fell asleep but I closed my eyes because of a scary scene and I guess I fell asleep” you excused yourself

“It’s fine. You look cute when you are asleep, to be honest” he blushed.

“Thank you” you blushed as well.

“I’m hungry, what do you say if we went to grab something to eat?” Harry suggested

“I think it’s a great idea” you said entering the car. You and Harry wet grab some burgers at McDonalds and you head to the park. After eating you and he lied down on the grass and watched the stars in silence.

“I really enjoyed our date, Lily” Harry broke the silence

“Yeah, me too” you said facing him. Harry was looking at you, so you blushed a little “What?” you chuckled

“Nothing… I just think you are beautiful and…” he said

“And?” you asked

“And I want to” Harry started before pressing is warm lips on yours. The kiss made you fell butterflies in your stomach like you never had before. It was perfect. And it was Harry and yours first of many kisses.

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