Mia. (:

I’m Mia. (: I do the outfits of our imagine blog! Follow my personal blog at http://aalecxis.tumblr.com !

I was born and raised in Los Angeles California. My heart is in London. I am sorta in love with Milf Chaser, the Carefree Mofo, Daddy Direction, DJ Malik, and Sass Masta from Doncasta! ;) I also LOVE to dance. Dancing ballet, hiphop, and jazz are my biggest passions. Other hobbies include drill team and cheerleading. My inspirations include Brian Puspos and Chachi Gonzales. Like them too? Lets get to know each other! I’m real easy to talk to. :) And I love meeting new people. :)

Don’t know what else to say about myself. I’m not that interesting. :) Okay, bye now!

(make sure you follow all the other amaaaazayn co-writers c; )

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hey! the name is Reghan, but since we are getting on a personal basis, then you can call me rochelle!! 

Who has two thumbs and lives in southern indiana?? 

this girl!!!! 

so i love to write!! obviously, i am a co-writer for this lovely blog, and i do outfits when The lovely Mia is away. :)

when you dont find me writing, you can find me cheering, dancing, or cooking!!

its nearly impossible to pic a favorite, but if i had to, i would pick. Harry.

Now i feel bad for all the other Boys of One Direction!

thanks alot!

haha just kiding with youuuu!!

well i love you!! 

Keep on loving turtles and hating spoons!!

keep eating!!

Keep getting naked!!

Keep looking at yourself!

and you BETTER keep being sassy!! dont upset Lou!!

well i love you, and of course i love 1D :)

keep sending in your requests and dont forget to spin the Harry!! 

spin him all the way into my bed!! 

wait, wat? 



-Rochelle (Reghan) c:

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