Harry Imagine *for anon*

Harry Imagine For Sarah

“Thank you so much O2, you were great!” you thanked one last time before the stage lights turned off.

As soon as you arrived backstage your crew came to greet you with hugs.

“That was fantastic!”

“Oh god, I still can’t believe that I just performed at the O2, it still feels like I’m dreaming.”

“I’m so tired though, so if you don’t mind I’m going to take a so much needed shower before we go celebrate.” You excused yourself.

Once you got to your dressing room you searched for all the things you needed. As you were about to head to showers you heard a knock on the door.

“Yes, come in!” you called out.

Then the door slowly opened revealing a curly headed boy.

“Hi, I’m sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to say that you guys were great. I’m..”

“Harry Styles, I know. Who doesn’t?” you cut him. “And…”

“You’re Sarah, I know that too.” He chuckled.

“Thank you so much for coming to our show, Harry. It means a lot.” You smiled.

“No thank you, it was a lovely show. I enjoyed myself very much.”

“I’m glad. And if you liked it so much maybe you should come to another one what do you say?”

“It’s a great idea but I already came to one of yours so you owe me. We’re actually performing tomorrow nearby… You should come, if you want…” he blushed.

“Tomorrow it is then! I don’t know is how to get in though, I doubt I can still buy a ticket…”

“Don’t worry, give me your number and I’ll text you the time you can be there. You can come and watch us rehearsing.”

“Sounds lovely, but first let me go take a bath because am all sweaty and I probably stink. You can hang out with the rest in the lounge area. We’re going out and celebrate this show you can come with us if you like.”

 “Yeah sure so… see you in a bit.” Harry said before exiting the room.

And without you realizing this conversation was the start of your and Harry’s relationship.

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Hey guyssss! I’m taking requests. I know this blog has been abandoned but i’m back and you can go fill our in box! I’m taking imagine and ship requests. And also, because is being very popular i thought i should give these fake tweets a shot. SO COME FILL OUR INBOX!

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Hey Strangers!

Has been a while since we last posted a imagine and things like that, but i’m back and our inbox is empty so you can fill it with requests! I’m taking imagines, ships and because everyone is doing these fake tweets thing i thought i should give it a shot so i’m taking those too :) Come fill our inbox! x

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Imagine: Harry (for anon)

Imagine you, Perrie, Danielle, and El decided to un-wind after a long week of work with a girls weekend. You were gonna pull out the wine, popcorn, chocolate, and chick flicks and totally chill. You were super excited about having some serious girl time, but you were also a little afraid of your big secret coming out. You and Harry had been sneaking around since summer when you spent one steamy night after confessing your “little” crushes on each other. But since you had put on such a persona of not liking him, you didn’t want to admit it was all a lie just yet.

You had made the mistake of cancelling your weekend plans with Harry. Because when he begged why with those puppy dog eyes, you just melted and told him about your girl plans. From the devilish smirk on his face, you instantly regretted it. “Harry!” you said chasing after him as all his little wheels started clicking. “You cannot ruin our plans! I’ve been told of all the times you hack these girls weekends.” Sarah said as she tugged Harry’s arm back. “Don’t worry, baby.” he said giving her a reassuring smile and kissing her cheek as they continued the day.

The next day, Sarah arrived at Perrie’s flat with her duffel bag in tow. “Let the girls weekend begin!” she shouted whilst popping the cork on the champagne. About halfway through the night, the girls heard some strange noises from coming outside. “What the…” El said as she went to go up to the window. She shrieked and jumped as Louis popped up in the bushes and the boys started rolling in the door. “What are you guys doing here?” Danielle said as she grabbed her glass and went over to kiss Liam. “Harry said that you guys were having a party and we were invited.” Liam said as he tried to piece the puzzle together. Sarah’s jaw fell to the floor as Harry winked at her. “Let’s start this party off right! How’s about a little spin the bottle?” Louis said as he grabbed the empty champagne bottle and sat himself on the floor. “Okay!” exclaimed Perrie as she pulled Zayn into the circle with her. “Harry, you dirtbag.” Sarah whispered into Harry’s ear as you went to get more wine. “Come join, me kitten.” Harry purred in your ear as he nipped at your ear. You two joined the circle and made it so you sat opposite each other, or as far as possible. “I cant believe you two still hate each other.” Niall said as he watched the dirty looks you kept giving Harry. “Oh but we all know they’re gonna get together.” Zayn said giving Harry “the eye” and causing you to blush a little. Niall, being the only single one, went to spin the bottle first, and tried to object when the bottle landed on Danielle. With an approval from Liam, and a lot of banter from Louis, he planted a sweet kiss on Danielle’s cheek before hurridly going back to his seat. Next was Sarah’s turn. She spun the bottle and closed her eyes. She opened only when the boys started shouting and the girls squealed. When she saw who the bottle was pointed at, she understood why. Her eyes slowly met the end of the bottle and saw Harry with that devilish smirk again. “Absolutely not.” you said as you got up from the circle, but Louis quickly dragged you back down. “You HAVE to, Sarah. It’s clearly stated in the rules.” Everyone started chanting as the tension grew between the curly headed boy and you. “Come on, Sarah.” Harry said never loosing your gaze. You reluctantly met Harry in the middle over the bottle. You gave him one last dirty look before bringing your lips closer to his and allowing them to crash. Harry deepened the kiss by pulling you closer and putting his hand on your cheek. The kiss had obviously lasted too long as you heard Louis mutter. “Oh my..” under his breath. When you pulled apart everyone’s eyes were on you. Except Harry, who never stopped looking at you. Guess the secret was out!

Author: Mackenzie zz


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Niall Imagine *for anon*


Niall Imagine for Rebekah:

Niall was finally back from the US tour. He and the boys arrived petty late last night so by the time of lunch Niall was still sleeping. You, unlike him, woke up pretty early so you decided you make a treat to your boyfriend. You went grab him some Nando’s for him. When you got home you decided to go get him up. You placed the food in the kitchen counter and you went upstairs. You opened your bedroom door slowly and approached the bed.

“Niall” you called him with a small voice “I brought you some Nando’s babe” you said sitting next to him. Then, out of nowhere Niall hits you in the face with a pillow “Oh it’s on mister” you said grabbing you pillow and hitting Niall’s side. That turned out to be a huge pillow fight.

“I surrender. I surrender” Niall finally said after a while

“I didn’t heard you. What did you said?”

“That I surrender. Now get off of me and go feed me” he joked

“I’m not moving until you say that I’m Pillow Fight Queen” you said

“Okay, okay. You are the Pillow Fight Queen. Now please let’s eat” he begged

“I thought so. Now, because you lost, you have to carry me downstairs” you ordered. He did what you command. You then ate and spent the rest of the day at home watching tv.


Your outfit: image

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Louis Imagine *for anon*


Louis imagine for Rikki

It was Christmas Eve and thought it was your favourite time of the ear, this ear it was really special because it was the first Christmas that you were going to spend with Louis in your recent bought apartment. You were really excited about the Christmas dinner that would join all the families.

“Louis!” you shouted from the kitchen where you were finishing the dinner

“Yes babe?” Louis said entering the kitchen only in is sweat pants

“Louis, really? They will be here soon. Go take a shower and get ready” you said to him while you finished the sweats. Louis came close and hugged you from behind and kissed you shoulder up to you neck. “Louis, not now. Go get ready!” you demanded

“But Rikki-”

“No but’s Louis, go. NOW!” you interrupted him.

“Okay…” Louis finally gave up and ran upstairs. You kept on finishing the dinner while Louis sang on the shower. About half an hour later he came back down to you.

“How do I look?”  He asked as entering the dining room where you were now setting the table

“Wow. You look sexy Mr. Tomlinson” you giggled

“And so does my fiancé” Louis said giving you a little peck on the lips

“Fiancé? But Louis, we aren’t engaged” you frowned

“Shoot” Louis mumbled now visibly nervous “Errmm…. I was…” Louis stared to say before the bell ring “I should go open that” he said running to the door. You decided to forget what just happened and come greet whoever was at the door. As soon as I went to the door Daisy and Phoebe came hug you

“Hey girls! How have you been, I missed you big time” you said hugging them up. behind them was Fizz that gave you a hug as well. Lottie came right after her. Lottie gave you a hug as well. Then Jay and Dan came hug you.

“I brought some sweats” jay said

“Oh.. Thanks, there was no need though. I’ll put it in the kitchen. You can go to the living room, if you want” you said heading to the kitchen. You settle the cake right next to the other ones and went back to where Louis and his family were.

“Did you ask?” Lottie asked Louis

“No, not yet. I’m waiting to after midnight, for when we open the presents. But she suspicious of something, so don’t say anything during the dinner, okay?

“Who is suspicious of something?” you asked as you entered the room

“Ermmm… Nothing. Were you there for a long time?” Louis asked

“No…” I said with a confused look “Is everything alright Lou?”

“Yes, everything’s alright” he gave you a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

“Do you want something while my family doesn’t arrive?” you asked. They all agreed and you went to grab some appetizers. You talked for a while and suddenly the doorbell rang again

“It must be them. Excuse me” you said and Louis got up from the couch where sit and went open the door. You greet your siblings and your parents and so did Louis.

“You look so thin, darling. And you too Louis” your mom said

“Mom” you said giving the look while Louis laughed of you two

“Louis don’t laugh” you protested “Instead help me here”

“Sorry, but I think your mom is right” he said with a grin

“No she isn’t” you slapped is belly. Louis laughed again and gave you a kiss.

“Now that you guys are here let’s eat” Louis said.

The night was really funny. Everything was delicious and you all had a great time. And without even noticing it was midnight.

“Yay. It’s time to open the presents” Phoebe and Daisy cheered. You all went to the living room where the presents were under the Christmas tree. You all exchanged your Christmas gifts. After everyone open the presents Louis got up.

“Where are you going?” you asked him

“Is missing on gift” he said running upstairs. After a while he came down again. He approached you and he knelt in front of you

“Lou, what are you doing?” you asked

“I have another present for you Rikki” he said grabbing your hand. Everyone was now quiet and looking at the two of you. He took a small red velvet box with a gold bow on the top. You started to cry. He then opened the box which revealed a gorgeous ring.

“Rikki, do you want to be my wife and spend the rest of your life with me? And please say yes, it’s Christmas” Louis said. You let out a little giggle

“Yes Louis. I do” you said. He placed the ring on your finger and gave you a sweat long kiss while everyone cheered. It was a Christmas that you never forgot


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Imagine: Zayn (for anon)

Imagine you and Zayn had a totally secret life behind closed doors. During the day, you were an assistant dance coach for the boys tour routine. At night, you came home to your studio New York apartment and were greeted happily by a boy you had seen just a few hours ago in rehearsals. Yours and Zayn’s relationship began the moment he was brought into your studio at the x factor auditions for a little extra dancing help. “You drive me crazy.” Zayn whispers in your ear as you kick your shoes off at the front door, leaving goose bumps all over your body. “I wouldn’t drive you so crazy if people knew we were together.” You said as you shrugged him off. Once his career took off, he got cold feet when it came to letting you out of his personal life bag. At first it didn’t bother you, but as time went on, you just wanted to say it and get it over with. Truth is, It drove you just as crazy to see the man you love during the day, and know you couldn’t get your hands on him until the end of the day when you snuck off back to home. Zayn could tell that you were getting tired of hiding your relationship. And as your anniversary approached he decided he would put some socks on and tell the world how he felt about you. He started by asking for “private” dance lessons that were just an extra way to spend time with Katie during the day. (and often turned into something more private than dancing) But Katie did decide to teach Zayn some goofy dances that she couldn’t show her more serious students. Zayn took it to some of his dancing friends and let him in on his anniversary plan. Once he had it all set up, he grabbed a nice camera and set up at Katie’s studio. “Hi babe!” He said starting out the video with a wave. “I wanted to show the world not only just all the cool dances you’ve taught me in the last 2 years, but how you’ve taught me to love you and love life. I don’t know what I’d do without you Katie.” He said as he turned on some goofy music and started dancing. He posted the video and it went viral fast. He watched it blow up on the internet. And also watched how the entire fandom came to love Katie. When he went home that evening he wasn’t surprised when he saw Katie sat at the computer, video up, and tears in her eyes. He walked over to her and knelt by her side as he wiped away her tears and she said “It’s perfect.” With a little laugh. “I can’t think of anything that would be more perfect.” She said kissing Zayn. “I can think of one more thing.” Zayn said as he dug around in his pocket, pulling out a velvet box. “Katie, will you marry me?”

Mackenzie xx

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Imagine: Niall (for anon)


Niall and Rebekah had been best mates since grade school. Rebekah had rescued Niall multiple times from the bullies on the playground before Niall agreed to be her friend. Since then, Rebekah had managed to “turn into a real girl” as Niall would call it. Their friendship had stayed solid even when they grew up and started changing. Like the time Rebekah went on her first date and had to have Niall rescue her later in the evening. Or when Niall decided he’d rather pursue singing than being a football player. Obviously it worked out for him. But Rebekah was his rock. She was constantly on the side lines to cheer him on when he was on stage, and bring him back to reality when he was off it. Rebekah started to loose her outgoing personality after Niall picked her up from the 3rd mishap date. Which also happened to be her last in a long while she swore. But something else happened that night. On the long walk home from that horrible date, her best friend did more than just walk her home. He walked in silence and reached out to grab her hand just so she knew he cared. It was since then that she decided the next date she went on, would be with Niall. The only problem was, he would never know that. She told herself that every time a glimmer of hope appeared for their love life. Niall had gotten into the habit of leaving little sticky notes around for Bekah to see whatever was on his mind. She would find sticky notes on her car, to her phone, to her mirror with a funny joke or saying that only she would understand. But Niall had something more in mind for these sticky notes. He had always been in love with Rebekah but he had no way to tell her.  Everytime he thought he could fumble the words out, he’d end up stuffing it with food instead. Pushing it off as “not the right time.” Of course the  boys had had enough and finally pushed Niall to the point of “If you don’t do it, I will.” The perfect idea struck one day as he spyed on Rebekah reading one of her sticky notes. So he went out quick and bought all the sticky pads he could find in the store and began to write all the little things he loved about her and began to stick them all on a wall in his dressing room. His plan was to ask her to come backstage quickly before they went out to play ‘Little Things’ for the X Factor. Hopefully, she would say yes to his message. With sweaty palms he searched the halls looking for Bekah.  Once he found her he smiled to himself at the events that were about to transpire. He grabbed her hand tackle style as they ran through the stage area back to their dressing room. He covered her eyes and led her into the room with all the notes. He opened her eyes and watched her as her hand flew to her mouth as she read all the notes before looking back to him with tears in her eyes as she jumped into his warm embrace. When they separated, with a long gaze Niall leaned in for the moment of his life. The kiss that would change it all.

Mackenzie xx


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Zayn Imagine *request*


It was Saturday afternoon and it was a really unpleasant day outside. It was a stormy day so you and Zayn couldn’t go out for a walk like you normally did. You and him were bored as hell and with nothing to do.

“I’m bored!” you protested getting up from Zayns lap

“Me too. Any idea of what we can do?” he looked at you waiting for a response. You thought for a while of what you wanted to do. Suddenly something came up to your head

“I know what we can do” you said with a grin on your face

“What?” Zayn asked

“We could play hide and seek, what do you think? There are a lot of places to hide and I haven’t played it in ages” you asked

“You are such a child” Zayn laughed

“Oh c’mon Zayn. Pwease?” you begged with puppy eyes

“Okay….” He gave up and got up from the couch where he was laid on

“Yay! I go hide first” you said running upstairs without giving him time to protest. You  searched for a place to hide for a while but you finally decided entered hid yourself in the closet of yours and Zayns room.

“Forty-nine, fifty. Ready or not here I come” Zayn shouted from downstairs. “Saha, I’m going to find you” he said as he walked upstairs. After search for you in the guest rooms and in the bathroom he finally came to your room. “Saha I know you are here” Zayn said when he entered the room. He was between the closet where you were hidden and the bed, so you could perfectly see him. He had his back turned to the closet so you tried to get out. You opened the closet door, you stepped a foot out and you slowly got out.

“You are never going to get me Mr Malik” you laughed as you ran downstairs. Zayn ran after you. You ran around for a while but he finally caught you in the living room.

“I got you!” he said throwing you into the couch and started to tickle you

“Zayn, stop. Please stop” you laughed

“Only if you give me a kiss and you say that I’m the winner” he said

“Okay. Okay, but stop” you begged. Zayn stopped and helped you to get up from the couch.

“So… What do you have to say” he said closing the gap between you two.

“What do I have to say? Well…” you closed even more the gap between you “I will never admit defeat” you said running away from him. For the rest of the day you and Zayn spent running around and having fun like little kids



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Harry Imagine *request*


Harry imagine for lilymunkkkkkkdirectioner

You could not believe what was about to happen to you. You were going on a date with no other than Harry Edward Styles, the perfect and gorgeous singer of famous boy band One Direction. You couldn’t believe in how lucky you were. When you went to the concert you didn’t expect to get noticed by the boys, even more, noticed by Harry, by that perfect little boy, and you didn’t even thought, not in a million years that he would ask you to go on a date with him, but there you were, getting ready to a date with him.

“Lily? Hey, are you here?” your bestfriend chuckled making you come back to reality ‘It’s almost time, so finish getting ready and stop think about god knows what’ she said

“Sorry. I was just thinking about the date and Harry. I still don’t know what he saw in me its jus-”

“Stop with that, okay?” she cut you “You are gorgeous and he noticed it, now go get ready!”

“Okay, okay. I’m coming mommy” you chuckled. You took a quick shower and dressed up. Your bestfriend did you make-up and helped you with your hair. You had just finished yourself when someone rang the doorbell.

 “Coming!” you screamed downstairs. You came down and you opened the door.

“Hey!” Harry greeted and pecked your cheek “Ready to go love?” he asked

“Yeah, sure. Let me just go grab my purse” you said running upstairs. You said goodbye to your friend and you came back downstairs. “Ready!” you said when you reached the door where Harry was standing.

“In that case let’s go” he smiled and you leaved your apartment. “You look gorgeous tonight Lily” Harry complimented you as you walked to his car.

“Thanks. You look handsome yourself” you blushed. Harry chuckled and opened the car door for you. You entered and he made his way to the driver seat. “Why are you laughing?” you asked him when he got into the car.

“Oh, nothing… You just look adorable when you blush” he smiled. His comment made you blush even more, which made him chuckle again.

“Stop it!” you laughed a bit “It’s not funny mister” you said

“Actually it is” he continue to laugh

“Anyways… Where are we going?” you asked

“It’s a surprise” he said. After a five more minute drive Harry stopped the car. “Here we are!” he said. You were in a drive in. It was really cool and you never had been in one before

“What are we gonna see?” you asked Harry

“A horror movie” he smiled

“A horror movie?” you frowned

“Yes… Why? Are you scared?” Harry asked you

“Well, it’s not my favourite type of films ‘cause I get really scared sometimes” you blushed

“Lily, you don’t have to be afraid, I’m right next to you. And if you get scared you can hold my hand if you want” he said. You just gave him a smile. Harry then paid the tickets and bought you some popcorn. He then found a great place to park the car. “Do you want to stay in the car or do you want to go outside?” Harry asked when he parked

“I’d rather be outside” you reply to him. You stepped out of the car and Harry got out too. He grabbed some blankets that he had in the trunk and came to you. He placed one in the bonnet of car and climbed up. He helped you climbing up and then he placed another blanket around your backs.

“I’m really enjoying our night, Lily” Harry whispered to your ear

“I am too, Harry” you smiled “Now shhh, the movie is starting!” you chuckled. You and Harry saw the movie in quiet but every time a scary part came you held his hand really tight and he calmed you down by whispering to your ear that it was just a movie and rubbing your back. By the time the movie was over you were sleeping with you head rested on Harry’s shoulder.

“Wakey, wakey” Harry said waking you up. You opened our eyes and yawned.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to fell asleep but I closed my eyes because of a scary scene and I guess I fell asleep” you excused yourself

“It’s fine. You look cute when you are asleep, to be honest” he blushed.

“Thank you” you blushed as well.

“I’m hungry, what do you say if we went to grab something to eat?” Harry suggested

“I think it’s a great idea” you said entering the car. You and Harry wet grab some burgers at McDonalds and you head to the park. After eating you and he lied down on the grass and watched the stars in silence.

“I really enjoyed our date, Lily” Harry broke the silence

“Yeah, me too” you said facing him. Harry was looking at you, so you blushed a little “What?” you chuckled

“Nothing… I just think you are beautiful and…” he said

“And?” you asked

“And I want to” Harry started before pressing is warm lips on yours. The kiss made you fell butterflies in your stomach like you never had before. It was perfect. And it was Harry and yours first of many kisses.

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Hey guys! So we’ve been on a bit of hiatus but we’re back now! I’m gonna get started on a few requests but send yours in! We love to hear from you and make your dreams come truuueeeeee! <3 the girls xxxxxx

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Harry Imagine *for Anon*


Harry imagine for Mimi

One more of those common nights in England.  An awful rainy night of August. Luckily you had your boyfriend, Harry, to keep you warm. On nights like these you always just stay at home cuddling, watching your favourite movies and enjoying the few time that Harry has away from tour.

“Babe?” Harry whispered to your ear

“Yeah?” you said turning your attention to him

“I have an idea. Can you come with me?” he asked

“But Harry its almost 1:00 am. And I’m cold and tired” you complained

“Mimi, please? I assure you that you won’t regret it” he gave you his irresistible puppy eyes

“Okay” you sight and gave up. No one could ever resist to his puppy eyes.  “But where are we going anways, Harry? Urgh I can’t believe that you are making me go change to other clothes” you whined while getting up from the couch

“No. No change. You are perfect like that” he smiled and gave you a little kiss. “Now let’s go” he said grabbing you hand and dragging you to the front door.

“Wow calm down curly” you giggled as you left the apartment. “Where are we going? Can you tell me?”

“In the matter of fact I can’t. It’s a surprise and I’m sure you will love it” he smiled as he opened the passenger door for you. You already knew that he wouldn’t tell you where you were going, so during the ride you didn’t bother in asking him again. It was a short ride, about 10 minutes or so.

“Here we are” he said

“Harry, why are we here?” you asked him when you realised where you were

“I have always wanted to do something. I I’m sure that you are the perfect girl to do it. And this is the perfect place to do it, since is where we first met”

“But what are you planning to do exactly?” you asked him

“You will see. Now let’s get out” he said opening his door and jumping outside. He went to your side and opened your door.

“Harry, is pouring outside” you said

“Yeah I know. It’s perfect” gave you a smile

“I don’t want to go. We are going to get sick” you protested

“Oh c’mon Mimi. Please? It would mean the world to me” he said giving you sad eyes

“Okay, okay. And why is this so important?” you asked while he dragged you right to the place where he first saw you. You were both getting completely soaked, but Harry seemed to not care with that at all. When you arrived to the exact spot he stopped and placed you right in front of him. He then kissed you like he never did. More passionately then he ever did. It felt like the first time you kissed. It was just as perfect. It looked like the kiss lasted forever. It was so perfect and you felt so secure in his arms. The way he kissed you made you feel like he would be there for you forever.

“This is why is so important” he whispered when you two broke up the kiss “I’ve always wanted to kiss someone in the rain. Not some random chick, but the girl that I felt that would be mine forever. And you are that girl. I want to stay with you forever Mimi. I want to be the guy that makes you feel like you are the most important thing in his life”. You didn’t said a word, you just cried. You knew that you just had found the guy you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

“I love you Harry” you managed to say

“And I love you to Mimi” He said resting his forehead on yours. You just stood there, looking at each other’s eyes. In that exact moment the world were just you two. During the night you just stood there, in the park, doing the most random things and playing in the rain. After you watch the sunrise together you head back home. For the next week you and Harry stood in bed because you got the most awful cold.


Your Outfit:


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Niall Imagine *for anon*


Niall imagine for Ally

Finally the last class of the day! Well unfortunately it was PE but that didn’t matter, one more class and you could go home and enjoy your Friday night.

Today your teacher had prepared for you and your classmates a gymnastic class. Everything was going well until the exercise on the gymnastic beam. You climb up but as soon as were on the top you lost your balance and you fell.

“Fuck” you screamed in pain. Great you had injured your foot!

“Are you okay Ally?” the cutest boy in your class, Niall, asked you as soon as he came colser

“Yeah… I think I just twisted my ankle” you sobbed

“Let me help you getting up” he said offering you his hands. You took it and he helped you getting on your feet

“Ow” you whined in pain

“Ally, you should go see the nurse to see that” your PE teacher said “Niall, could you go with Ally?” he told Niall

“Yeah sure” Niall agreed “Can you walk?” he asked you

“Yeah I think so” you let out a small smile. You then started to walk but it pained you a lot.

“I don’t think you can” Niall said

“I’m fine really, Niall”

“No you are not. Now let me help you” he said. As soon as he said it he grabbed you bridal style and carried you to the nursery. You have always had a crush on Niall, but you never did anything about it. You always thought that he was too good for you so you never told him how you feel. And now he was carrying you, in his strong arms. You had your hands around his neck and your head rested on his chest. You could smell his natural scent. Damn he smelled so good! You then arrived to the nurse office.

“Here we are” Niall said placing you on the stretcher.

“Thank you Niall, but there was no need. You can leave if you want now” you thanked

“Of course there was. And won’t leave until I now if you are going to be good” he smiled. You blushed and smiled back. The nurse came in and took care of you. She gave you some crutches for you to use for a few weeks.

“Well I guess I’ll have new friends for a few weeks” you giggled

“Yeah it seems like it” he smiled

“I think I should go home and rest a bit” you said

“I don’t think you should go by yourself. Can’t your mom come pick you up or something?” he suggested

“No, she is on a work trip for this week. I’m at home alone. But don’t worry I’ll be fine”

“Well in that case I’ll take you home and take care of you” he said. You knew by the look in his eyes that we wouldn’t take a ‘no’ for answer, so you just sight in agreement. He went grab his stuff and you two went to your apartment.

“You don’t need to do this Niall” you said again

“Yeah I know, but I want to. And I already told my mother that I was going to stay here for the night so I guess I need to stay. So what are we going to do?” he asked

“Watch a movie?” you suggested

“Perfect” he said going to pick a movie for you to watch.

“A horror movie? I don’t like it much” you frowned

“But I do. And if you get scared I let you grab me” he winked. He put the dvd on and sat down beside you. He placed his arm around you and you placed your head in his chest. You were so tired that you decided to close your eyes.

“I wish you knew how much I like and care about you” you hard Niall say while he watched the movie and rubbed your hair with his fingers.

“What?” you immediately open your eyes and stared at him

“You were awake? You weren’t supposed to listen that” he said looking at you quiet embarrassed

“Yeah I was. And why want I supposed to listen that?” you asked

“Well this will just make our relationship weird” he said facing the floor

“What if I say to you that I really like you too?”

“You do?” he looked up at you

“Yeah I do. For a long time no-” your words were cut with his lips.

“I love you Ally” Niall said when you broke up the kiss

“I love you too Niall” you said placing your head again in his chest. The rest of the night you stood in Niall arms. It was the beginning of your relationship.


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Harry Imagine *for Anon*


Harry imagine for Bella Sarah

You couldn’t believe. You and your boyfriend we going to be on Ellen DeGeneres show. Why? Well you are girlfriend with Harry who occurs to be part of the biggest boyband ever. You and Harry were with Harry dressing-room when a guy knocked.

“Guys you enter in five minutes” he said

“Thanks. We will be right out” Harry said “Babe are you ready?” he said facing you

“Yeah babe, just a bit nervous” you said

“Nervous why?” he frowned “You did things like this a lot since we got together, why are you nervous?”

“I know, but I get nervous every time. I don’t like these things much. It’s just awkward” you said

“Aww babe don’t be. You will do great, as usual. Now let’s get outside” he said giving you a small kiss on your forehead. He then grabbed your hand and you too went outside. A few minutes later you and Harry entered the set. You were greeted by Ellen and then you made your way to the couch. You sat down and Harry sat down beside you. Harry was still holding your hand, like he always does when he knows when you are nervous, so you could know that he was there if anything goes wrong. The interview was going really great. Ellen was funny, what make you very comfortable.

“So Bella, for how long you and this gorgeous man have been together?” Ellen asked

“Well for almost four years now, right babe?”

“Yeah. Our anniversary is in about 3 months” Harry agreed

“Wow, that’s a long time.”

“Yeah it is” you smiled

“Bella, tell me do you plan having kids, I don’t know, in a few years?” she asked

“Yeah I do. I love kids. But first I think I should get marry first. And then of course start a family. I think all women want that” you replied

“Ohh really?” Harry said “What if I said to you that I would love to make that happen?” he continued. You just giggled thinking that he was just being silly. Suddenly he got off from the couch and knelt in front of you

“Bella, I’m serious” he said “I would love to make that happen, I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you and be able to wake up next to you every morning until I die. I’d love to settle down with you and start, one day, a family with you. So… Bella will you marry me?” Harry said taking a little red velvet box and opening it in front of you. You couldn’t’ believe. Harry was proposing you and he was proposing you in national television, in front of millions. You were crying. You couldn’t even say yes properly that you just nodded. As soon as you did Harry got up and gave you the most passionate kiss you remember. The crowd went all ‘aww’

“I promise that I’ll make you the happiest girl alive” he said to you when you boke up the kiss. He then placed the ring on your finger and kissed you one more time. In the end of the show Elle gave you and Harry a frame with a photo of Harry proposing you o the show and in it was engraved ‘We got married thanks to Ellen’


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