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    Preference: you meet your celebrity crush and he flirts with you and he gets jealous (Harry)

  • Harry: You had a massive crush on Tom Daley since you had begun helping the boys rehearse for the olympics. He woud come round to the stage to say hello and had gotten to be particularly friendly with you. Harry would notice and feel a little twinge of jealousy but you reassured him that it was just friendly and nothing would come of it. Well when Tom began showing up to some of the same parties you were at, things were definitly beyond friendly for him. Hary would get just a little more protective about you. But when he gave you tickets to his diving event, Hazza decided it would be a good idea. Harry had obviosuly never seen a realy diving event before, so as soon as he had spotted Tom on the board with his speedo, he took one look at you and quickly tried to cover your eyes with his hands. "Harry!" you shouted trying to see your friend dive. "Wha?! I don't want you looking at another mans...you know." he suggested with his eyes what he was reffering to. You ignored his comment and continued to cheer for your friend. After a little bit of this Tom Daley nonsense, you came home from work one day and Harry quickly called you from the backyard. "Babe! Com 'ere! You've got a see this!." you dropped your things and went to see what his fuss was about. Low and behold there stood your goofy boyfriend in the pool at the back. Wearing a very tight speedo nonetheless. You tried to contain your giggles as Harry said. "I'm gon do a trick alright?" you nodded and watched as he tried to do a backflip into the pool. It wasn't actually bad. He emerged from the water as you clapped excitedly. You knew what this was about. "How was that? Better than Tom yeah?" Harry asked walking over to you and not bothering to get a towel. "Darling, you don't even compare to Tom." You said wrapping your arms around his wet torso. "Your ten times better." You said giving Harry a quick peck. "Are you sure?" Harry asked still fishing for a compliment. So you took the hem of his speedo and pulled it towards you, taking a peek inside before looking back up to your boyfriend and replying, "I'm sure." with a wink. Harry grabbed you for another kiss before getting a towel and following you inside. "I thought you had stuffed your speedo.." you said collecting your things before Harry tackled you to the couch.
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    Preference: his reaction when he finds out one of his kids is dating his other band mate’s kid(Harry, Liam, Niall)

  • Harry: "Do you know who Darcy went out with tonight?" Harry asked wrapping his arms around your waist as you making dinner. "No I'm not sure. She said it was an old friend." you replied trying to remember your sixteen year old daughters vague details. "Don't worry about it though." You said kissing your husbands cheek. A few hours later when your daughter did arrive home you saw Harry sneak to the front window to see who it was his baby went out with. "Oh My God Y/N" Harry said at his place from the window as you went over to see what stunned him. You looked out the window just as your daughter was about to lock lips with Jax. Harry quickly opened your front door causing the two teenagers to stop in their tracks as you tried to piece everything together. "What are you doing Darcy?" Harry asked just as confused at the whole situation. "Jax what are you doing here?" You asked staring the Zayn lookalike down. Jax looked back at Darcy "I thought you said your parents knew!" You laughed it off as you grabbed your confused husband and trouble maker daughter back into the house. "Really Darc?" Harry asked rubbing his head and walking up the stairs behind her. "Jax?" you just laughed at your husband and daughters frusteration.
  • Liam: You and Liam were amazed at how quickly your son Ryder grew up. It felt like yesterday your world stopped so you could be his. And now that he was dating a mystery girl, you relfected upon how you were no longer the only girl in his world. "Ryder why don't you have your girlfriend over for dinner sometime?" Liam asked one day sitting at the table. Ryder gave his parents a not-so-reassuring look at the table. "Can you at least tell us her name?" you asked cleaning up after kitchen. "Gotta go to school mum!" Ryder decided as he kissed his mums cheek and went on his way. One night you and Liam decided to go on a date and you asked Ryder to babysit your daughter Ava. Upon arriving at your house, you were startled when you found your son on the couch but also joining him in his lap, was your niece Winona. "Hi Aunt Y/N! Hi Uncle Liam." Winona said straightening out her hair and making Ryder stand up. "Mum, Dad, I can explain!" he said wiping his mouth. "Ryder...Winona...my couch.." Liam said trying to piece it all together. "Nona, sweetie, you should probably go home." You said ushering your niece to the door. "I'll have to call Zayn in the morning." Liam said trudging his son up the stairs. "There's a reason your middle name is Ziam." you yelled at the two boys.
  • Niall: You and Niall were the only couple to have all boys. So you worried less about dating than the other boys. Nial raised his boys right, and while they ate you out of house and home sometimes, they were total gentleman. But you can't say you weren't surprised when you found out that your youngest Braeden was dating. He was the most quiet and shy of all your boys. But he had suddenly become more outgoing and loud. You were curious as to whom would make your boy so different. Luckily, Brae seemed to be so into it, that he agreed right away when You asked to have his lady over for dinner. Brae only thought of the consequences after he said yes. You made a lovely dinner and had a talk with your husband and your boys to behave and not embarres Brae or scare of his girl. But when Tilly walked into the room. Everyone was a bit taken back. "Tilly! How are you love?" you asked kissing her cheek. "Hey tommo 2.0!" Niall greeted his niece. "Tilly you gotta go now We're meeting Brae's bird." Your eldest Bobby said, earning a slap to the back of the head. "Mum, Dad, Tilly and I have been dating for awhile now and we're really happy togther." Braedon said puffing his chest out a bit. You stood in shock, but quickly became welcoming so your family would hopefully follow. "Our quiet one would end up with a tommo." Niall said kissing your cheek after dinner.
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    Preference: Your Kids Names

  • A/N: So the nest few preffies make sense.
  • Harry: Kage Zachary, Darcy Anne, Ireland Temperence
  • Liam: Ryder Ziam, Ava Marie.
  • Niall: Bobby James, Ayden Wyatt, Braedon Michael
  • Louis: William Edward, Matilda Louise (Tilly)
  • Zayn: Jaxon, Winona, and Lyla (His kids don't have middle names.
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    Preference: He visits you at your job and pretends to be just another customer.

  • Harry: You tried to contain your excitment as your boyfriend Harry walked into the tattoo parlour where you worked. That's also where the two of you met! You walked up to the counter to service him in a professional manner. "How may I help you today sir?" You asked trying to wipe the stupid grin off your face. "Yes I was wondering if the lovely Y/N would help me decide which tattoo I wanted to get that had my beautiful girlfriends name on it." he asked with a smug grin on his face before you jumped over the counter and into his arms to kiss him.
  • Liam: Liam would often stop into the daycare that you worked at to drop off your lunch and just say Hi to the kiddos. Your employers started to tease you that he should just pick you up from work as a parent one day. He must have heard because the next day at closing time Liam walked into the daycare with a bouqet of roses as you walked to the door and asked politely. "And who are you here to pick up Mr. Payne?" eyeing the beautiful roses in his hand. "I'm here to pick up Miss Y/N. I thought we could go to a nice relaxing dinner. And the cinema is playing Toy Story." You giggled as you grabbed your coat and boyfriends hand before leaving on your relaxing date.
  • Niall: Niall had no problem stopping by at your work place. You worked at subway. It wasn't the best job, but you saw Niall more there than you did at your shared apartment. And of course, every time you'd go through Niall's order in your head as you prepared his sandwich and chatted because you knew it by heart. But your favoruite part was when he'd stop by at lunchtime and you'd make him pay twice for a sandwich so he could buy you your lunch as well.
  • Louis: You worked at a high end fashion boutique that you and Louis loved to shop at. Once in awhile, he'd stop by to just say Hi because he missed you, then he'd continue to critique all the clothes in the shop. "What the hell are you wearing?" he'd ask as you put on some crazy display clothes. "It's the new stripes Mr. Tomlinson." you'd say giggling at what you had to call all the customers. Including your crazy boyfriend
  • Zayn: You were grateful that your job at Syco music let you work from home most of the time. But when you would get called into the occasional meeting, or worse studio time with One Direction. You'd have to put on a straight face and try your hardest to remain proffesional as your hot boyfriend stood singing right in front of you. Unbiased opion, you kept repeating in your head..
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Hey Guys! I’m back forever!!!! Don’t look so sad…Send in requests! I’ll be doing one shots, imagines,preferences,outfits, ships, and weddings! xxxx Mackenzie

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    Preference: Another Guy Hits On You and He Loses It.(Harry)

  • Harry: With Harry being famous, it didn't bother you when girls would hit on him. It was part of his job right? What wasn't an expected part of the job was when you got hit on! You were amazed at the amount of people who would recognise you as Harry's girlfriend and try to convince you to be with someone else. More male fans would turn out to signings just to see you. It didn't bother you a bit! But Harry on the other hand would get extremely jealous. Not because they weren't there for him, but deep down, he was worried you would leave him for one of the guys that came up to you. One day, you and Harry had an off day that you were determined to spend every minute of together. You decided to brave out the shops because that's what normal people do. Fans obviously took notice, but on this particular day, one male fan had managed to find you in every single shop. He wouldp play it off as coincidence and you just laughed it off. This kid even went so far to ask for your number when Harry had his last bit. "Excuse me pal." He said coming to stand between the two of you. "This is MY girlfriend on OUR one day together. Do you mind?" He finished by taking your hand and starting to leave when the kid whispered just loud enough for Harry to hear him as he passed him by "I could take care of her so much better than you ever could." That comment sent Harry flying over the edge as his fist connected with the boy's jaw with a pop. "Harry!" you exclaimed in disbelief as you quickly dragged your hothead boyfriend out of the shops doing your best to avoid a scene."What was that all about?" you said trying to get Harry's gaze but he just looked at the ground. "He said.." he began with a whisper still looking at the ground. "I can't hear you." you said became exhausted trying to fight Harry on this. He enveloped your hands in his and looked you in the eye. "He said he could take better care of you than I could. And that's my biggest fear in life." When he saw he had your attention he began again. "I'm terrified somebody out there could be better for you. But I love you so much, and I know that you wanna be with me. I just don't want someone to challenge my ground." Hazza said resting his forehead on yours and leaning down to see if you'd go in for a kiss. "I only want you." you said kissing the curly headed boy and heading back to your apartment where no one could challenge him but the cat.
  •  A/N should I do these for any other boys?
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    Preference: Your first fight(Harry, Liam, Niall)

  • Harry: "No Haz." you started in again, "We are NOT getting a kitten." He had been bugging you for the last few days to adopt some of the kittens he saw in the shops. "ButY/N! Why not?!" Haz began again pouting. It was beginning to upset him. "Because what about when we're gone? Who's gonna take care of it?" you said stating your valid point again. Haz just trudged upstairs defeated again.
  • Liam: "Y/N!" Liam yelled, "Where are the Toy Story movies?!" As he rumaged through another box of films. You two had been moved in for almost a month now and there were still boxes to be unpacked. "Check the boxes!" you yelled back from upstiars. "There are so many boxes! Why can't you just be done already?" Liam shouted as he pushed the boxes aside and sat on the couch.
  • Niall: You and Niall never argued over what to eat until it came to Indian food and Nando's. Your two favourite resteraunts were across the street from each other and it was something you argued about constantly.
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    Preference: He tells you he loves you for the first time

  • Harry: You and Harry were laying out on his sofa laughing at each other's goofy tricks. This was how you had wanted to spend your 11 month anniversary. "Y/N I love you so much. I don't know what I'd do without you." Haz said not thinking twice about what he had said but looking over as your smile just got wider. You jumped atop of Haz as you kissed him and said "I love you too, Haz."
  • Liam: Liam was always very serious about who he chose to say I love you to. He loved his fans, and he loved the boys, but he thought you were special. Which is why after only a few months of dating, Liam proudly proclaimed his love to you one night at a concert while dedicating 'One Thing' to you.
  • Niall: Niall Horan two things in life. Food, and his guitar. And you knew not much would come in the way of that. But one afternoon, as Niall was being a super trouper shopping with you through lunch tim he whispered, "It's a good thing I love you." while kissing your temple and shopping some more. You took him out to a buffet to reciprocate your love.
  • Louis: You and Louis were goofing off before an interview. The two of you had toy guns and were shooting at people who would try to enter the bathrooms. Finally during the interview, they asked "So the girl you brought with you today, do you love her?" You watched as a huge smile came across Louis' face as he said "Yeah, I really do love her."
  • Zayn: Zayn was the master of deep quotes that touched your soul, so when he left for tour you weren't surprised when he showed you his new tattoo that said "Love is like the wind, you can't always see it, but you can feel it." and he told you how much he would love you while he was gone.
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Good morning everyone! Glad to be back!!! I’m gonna start on some preference requests! Keep sending everything in! Tatiana and I love you! xx Mackenzie xx

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    Preference: He gets jealous when he see's you hanging out with the Wanted (Louis, Zayn)

  • Louis: You and Louis had gone out midnight bowling for a lack of better things to do. Louis had gone to get drinks when someone called Max had said he recognised you from the internet! "It's impossible to forget a beautiful face like yours." he would say adding his charming smile. The two of you flirted for a bit when Louis came back by your side. "Max!" he said turning on the diva, "don't be upset that I got the girl and the better single mate!" Louis finished taking you in for a deep kiss.
  • Zayn: You had accompanied Zayn to the tattoo parlor so he could finish a session on his new tattoo. You stepped outside for some fresh air when you bumped into someone. "Oh I'm sorry!" You said grabbing onto the persons arm for stability. "Don't worry about it love." Tom Parker said with a wink. The two of you proceeded to chat until Zayn came outside breaking it up by asking you if you wanted to see his new tattoo. When he lifted his shirt up, it was an outline of your name with your favourite flower. Tom Parker had nothing on him..
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    Preference: He gets jealous when he see's you hanging out with the Wanted (Harry, Liam, Niall)

  • a/n: I wanted to mix this one up from all the other exact ones of this preference...
  • Harry: Harry had decided to join you at the bar when you had stopped answering his texts. He searched and finally found you at the bar with another curly headed boy and you were giggling. Upon further look you saw it was Jay from the Wanted. You immediantly became more jealous. "Y/N! What are you doing here tonight?" Harry said friendly as always as he squeezed himself between you and Jay. "Haz you knew I was h-" you started to say before he cut you off and turned to Jay and said "Listen mate, she's only got room for one curly headed boy in her life. But i'll take it from here." as Harry turned and kissed you hard. Jealousy..
  • Liam: You and Liam had decided to go to the V festival this year. One of the days, Liam had to come late and when he finally got to the festival he had noticed you were chatting with someone who looked familiar. When he walked up to kiss your cheek he saw that it was Nathan from the Wanted and he had just brought you a dink. "Oh we don't drink much." Liam remarked as you accepted the drink. "Liam!" you gritted through your teeth as you jabbed him in the ribs a bit. He didn't really notice..
  • Niall: Niall had called and asked you to meet up with him at Nando's in ten. When you didn't show signs of life until almost a half an hour later, he got worried. But then you walked in the door with a tall guy next to you. The two of you were laughing it up. "Niall! This is Siva from the Wanted! We stopped to have a chat on my way here." You said admiring the tall irish boy. "You know from one Irish man to another, I could take this lady for dinner." Siva said giving you a wink. "You know from one irish man to another," Niall began as he stood protectively by you, "I think I'm gonna keep her to myself." Niall said trying to grow a few inches in the process..
  • Louis: 
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    Preference: What he tweets to you after the VMA's

  • Harry: "Forgot to thank my baby @Y/T/N/ ! Without her, I wouldn't be half the man I am. Love you sweetheart! xx"
  • Liam: "Bought @Y/T/N a new shirt that says 'my boyfriend won a vma' I think she likes it.'
  • Niall: Don't worry baby! @Y/T/N you kiss better than Katy!"
  • Louis: We did it!!!!!!!! @Y/T/N
  • Zayn: Life is full of surprises ! Couldn't have done it without my inspiration @Y/T/N aha xx
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